#SMO joined Vlado Kreslin in Križanke as part of his traditional concert for the Ljubljana Festival. #SMO opened the concert with Claude Debussy’s masterpiece Petite Suite and continued with Kreslin’s songs in new covers for a symphony orchestra by composers Jani Golob (Slovenia) and Valter Sivilotti (Italy).
CONCERT: 30 Avgust 2019, Križanke Open-air Theatre
Debussy: Petite Suite – Ballet
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: Vse naše pravljice
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: S tabo je izi
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: Ptič
Kreslin – V. Sivilotti, arr.: Tista zakartana ura
Kreslin – V. Sivilotti, arr.: Reka
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: Če bi midva se kdaj srečala
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: Vse se da
Kreslin – J. Golob, arr.: Poj mi pesem
Slovenian National Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Živa Ploj Peršuh
The event was held under the honourable patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Marjan Šarec.
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FOTO: Varja Jovanovic