The European Career Center for Artists is a unique platform and artistic trademark that connects the artists with the audience, tradition with the new digital age, entrepreneurship, culture, and last but certainly not least, the city of Ljubljana with the world. In addition to its expertise, it provides young artists with a range of tools and skills to start a successful career in the modern world. It supports them at the beginning of their professional path and allows opportunities to help them in the competitive market. The European Career Center is the upgrade of the past national and international projects and cross-border cooperation generated by the Association BSA – Be Successful Artist. 

The inspiration behind creating such a career centre comes from the knowledge that every great artist deserves a successful career. The centre provides young professionals with competence, courage and self-confidence. The European Career Center promotes intercultural dialogue, international links, and closer cooperation with partners, partner cities, businesses, sponsors, art lovers and the media while also presenting art to new audiences. In addition to capacity-building programmes, the centre organises a series of notable artistic events. The European Career Center is indeed building bridges between different groups linked by common interests. We are proud that the Career Center has its roots in cultural, green, safe and inspiring Ljubljana. 


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Success comes in many different forms, and we believe in the ART OF SUCCESS. The capacity building programmes we provide all musicians, come with a range of tools and skills to solidify a foundation of self-management for them to pursue their professional musical careers independently. Their artistic education is enriched with advanced vocational  programmes, master classes, workshops and more, that are taught by internationally renowned professionals.   

We create platforms on which we enable the exchange of experience, knowledge, and expertise while constantly encouraging everyone to stay curious and never stop learning.  Our musicians leave the academy with a diverse skillset and self-confidence that enables them to start their professional paths in the international competitive market while promoting intercultural dialogue and intergenerational links on international platforms.  

Every year, young musicians from all over the world receive intensive training at the highest and, more importantly, the most personal level. With the opportunity to enrol into our academy, attend master classes, rehearse, and perform on international stages, they encourage the exchange of experience between young artists and renowned top-class soloists, performing on stages of diversity; to discuss and improve social, political, and environmental issues. 

The Orchestra Academy 

Our participants acquire the necessary technical and interpretative skills, confidence in responding, acting and participating in an orchestra, knowledge of different styles and periods, and learn to adapt in a simulated professional working environment. The Orchestra Academy offers participants intensive programmes in collaboration with internationally renowned musicians. Young people develop their personal potential and gain invaluable experience for the future. Professional musicians also give concerts with young musicians, which is an invaluable experience and a unique opportunity for all, as it develops dynamics and supports the passion for musical reproduction. This educational programme has two important objectives: improvement and excellence. We set high standards for orchestral performance in the most demanding programmes with multiple conductors and internationally renowned soloists. 

Master Classes  

We design master classes together with invited professors to offer young musicians top-level lessons, where they create and build up the music repertoire in excellent conditions, prepare for an important audition or competition, and refine their playing technically and musically. The basis of each course is the individual reworking of the participant’s chosen repertoire, where particular attention is paid to the musician’s artistic conviction.   

Upgrading one’s repertoire is the disclosure of musical reproduction from different perspectives, both in solo and chamber literature, either in an ensemble or accompanied by a piano. Guest tutor pianists are selected by professors and are more than reliable collaborators during the programmes and at concerts. The success of the master class depends largely on the individual musician, who is our main focus and has our absolute attention. 

Career Workshops  

Musicians also develop professionally and have access to content for active career planning, creation and management. We have delivered some excellent programmes that equip young people with competence, courage and confidence. It is an insight into all levels of career guidance, vocational activity and further vocational training, including practical work experience. As our approach to connecting the digital age with classical music, our career workshops are designed to meet the needs of young emerging musicians starting their careers in orchestral music. We emphasize engaging in personal conversation with young musicians who are burning with passion but not quite sure how to step into the professional world. Our mission is to answer their questions and guide them on the path to developing their skills and building a successful professional career.