The Festine Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble of young Slovenian musicians whose guiding principle is to explore the musical aesthetics of repertoire that is less well known in Slovenia. The orchestra brings freshness and new perspectives to selected music and encourages dialogue in the interpretation of compositions. It can be expanded into a symphony orchestra if the programme so requires.

The orchestra performed in the Festine concert cycle at the Festival Hall in Ljubljana, and in the following seasons in the Knights' Hall of the Križanke and Ptuj Castle in Ljubljana, the Marjan Kozina Hall of the Slovenian Philharmonic, the Union Hall in Maribor and the Lendava Cultural Centre. The orchestra cooperates with the National Centre in Maribor, where it responds to questions about the creation of music in a series for young people.

Soloists: Boštjan Lipovšek, Zora Slokar, Andrej Žust, Mihael Šuler, Franc Kosem, Thomas Kapun, Marko Zupan, Anja Gaberc, Oksana Pečeny, Benjamin Ziervogel, Luka Šulić, Martin Belič, Marcos Fink, Urška Žižek, Simon Krečič, Branimir Slokar, Rita D'Arcangelo and composers Jani Golob, Tomaž Habe, Nejc Bečan, Štefan Mauri, among others, are an inspiration and a tribute to the music-making that has been done so far.

The orchestra is also the origin of the Festine Ensemble, which brings together excellent Slovenian musicians or soloists from professional orchestras who enjoy performing challenging chamber music from different periods, dedicate themselves to the novelties of Slovenian composers and encourage the agility of the artistic profession. The Ensemble often works with young musicians who are at the beginning of their professional career and are thus given excellent guidance, as the musical experience is at its most powerful in chamber music. Each participant brings with them their own experience and often their own preferences, forming a unique integrity and a wide-ranging repertoire.