By carrying out summer activities in 2016, we brought together 230 musicians from 42 countries. The participation of young 20 professors in conductors showed excellent results at 11 symphonic concerts. We reached 14,600 listeners in outdoor concert halls, while our live webcast shows 6342 people from 48 countries.

brought together children, enthusiastic young musicians from 10 to 18 years old from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje. Young musicians began their rehearsals in Ljubljana. Young musicians were led by tutors in sectional rehearsals during the first days of the academy, and gradually the program of film music was put together and perfected in orchestra rehearsals. We introduced singing and body percussion into the rehearsal process. Children made and decided the final selection of songs for concerts in three cities, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. In numbers: Orchestra Academy attended by 75 musicians from 5 countries. They were trained by 6 tutors. After 20 days and 140 hours of rehearsals, the orchestra performed the film music program at three concerts in front of 10.900 listeners.
Film music by J. Williamsa, E. Morriconeja, H. Zimmerja, all arranged by J. Golob


92 participants were selected for the orchestral training with Ljubljana International Orchestra. 6 professors were present at the Orchestral Academy and available throughout the course. The conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh conducted tutti rehearsals, which lasted for 20 days or 140 hours. We performed 4 symphonic concerts.

L. van Beethoven: Egmont Overture
I. Stravinsky: Firebird, Ballet suite (1945)
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74
C. Debussy: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
A. Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 “From the New World”
The Ljubljana International Orchestra (LIO) also collaborated with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from Amsterdam, one of the best orchestras on a global scale. During his tour (RCO meets Europe), the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, in every country he visited, played with the local youth orchestra. The concept and project are named “RCO MEETS EUROPE – SIDE BY SIDE”. LIO was selected as a representative of Slovenia, although the participants are international and the orchestra has its residency in Slovenia. First, only 31 musicians were invited to participate in the evening concert at the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom, in the most eminent Slovene hall. After hearing the musicians of our orchestra practising with the members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the chief conductor Daniele Gatti decided to rehearse with the entire LIO orchestra in the general rehearsal. This gesture was a perfect gift and an unexpected added value to the whole of collaboration with the RCO and an extraordinary contribution to young musicians who thus experienced one of the most beautiful events of their past career paths. Every member of LIO has experienced it as a unique and unique moment of life.


Master class OBOE (24 – 30 August 2016) – Professor Emanuel Abbühl

Emanuel Abbühl was the principal oboist in numerous orchestras, including the Basel Symphony Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2006, he became the principal oboist of the London PhilharmonicOrchestra. He teaches at the Rotterdam Academy, the Mannheim University of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Number of students: 16
Assistant: Seung Eun Lee
Pianist: Kimiko Imani


Master class CLARINET (29 August – 5 September 2016) – Professor François Benda

François Benda regularly performs on the most important stages, such as the Berlin Philharmonic, Musikverein in Vienna, Concertgebouw Amsterdam,Wigmore Hall London and Tonhalle Zürich. In addition to his solo performances, François Benda also teaches and is among the most sought-afterclarinet teachers. He teaches in Berlin and Basel.

Number of students: 16
Pianist: Eberhard Hasenfratz


Master class VIOLIN (24 – 30 August 2016) – Professor Ivry Gitlis 

He is more than 94 years old and during his rich career he has played with world-class orchestras, including philharmonic orchestras from London, New York, Berlin, Philadelphia and Israel. He is one of the last masters of the “golden generation” and has played with everyone from Jascha Heifetz to John Lennon.

Number of students: 9
Assistant: Anton Martynov
Pianist: Daniel Propper
Jump Start provides talented young musicians with an International Training Residency of the highest artistic calibre. In partnership with Triple Bridge, Music Up Close Network offers young musicians from around Europe the opportunity to benefit from unique musical experiences with renowned musicians such as Emanuel Abbühl, Branimir Slokar, Aleksandar Madžar, François Benda, Ivry Gitlis and Martin Ostertag, among others. It also provides with the concert experience. In the year 2017 we have had three chamber concerts.
Oboe music chamber concert, 29 August 2016 / Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana
Violin music chamber concert, 31 August 2016 / Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana
Clarinet music chamber concert, 5 September 2016 / Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana
Chamber Concert series “Meet the Legend”
Violin virtuoso Ivry Gitlis with friends, 29 August 2016 / Grand hotel Union
Violin: Ivry Gitlis, Anton Martynov, Yuri Kalnits, Kremena Nikolova
Viola: Lyda Chen-Argerich, Mikhail Bereznitsky
Cello: Igor Mitrović, Nikola Jovanović
Jean-Marie Leclair: Sonata for two violins in E-minor, Op. 3, No. 5
Anton Martynov: Suite in Baroque style in G-major (2016)
F. B. Mendelssohn – Bartholdy: Oktet in Es-major, Op. 20
Trombone virtuoso  Branimir Slokar with friends, 2 September 2016 / Grand hotel Union
Branimir Slokar, trombone
Mayumi Shimizu, trombone
György Gyivicsan, trombone
Edy Manyak, trombone
J. Fr. Michel: Jubilee Fanfare
W. A. Mozart: Overture to the Magic Flute
Gunes: At Bosforos
B. Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances
F. Balogh: Variations on a Theme
F. David: Concerto for Trombone
N. Rota: Film Melodies
J. Mortimer: Parisian Suite
We are proud to be partner in MUSIC UP CLOSE NETWORK
Especially we want tell young people about the classical symphonic music of their own time commissioning and internationalize new orchestral works and coproducing concerts in a innovative formats involving the young generation of musicians to be music ambassadors and exceptional communicators.
MUSIC UP CLOSE NETWORK – connecting orchestral music to young audiences is a multi-annual cooperation project. The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is the promoter and coordinator of a network with other prestigious European Orchestras and other organizations for training and international artistic mobility. The participating institutions consider this initiative as a pilot co-operation network to experiment and share new strategies and approaches to connect the orchestral music with youth audiences.
The project aims to carry out activities that primarily respond to the following priorities:
Cooperate with some of the best European Orchestras such as the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and the Ljubljana International Orchestra to commission new orchestral works by living composers and support works and artists at European and international level.
Develop and share new strategies to reach young audiences in particular with some of the Balkan countries such as Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Monteniger promoting musical co-productions with innovative formats involving youth orchestral ensembles also using digital technologies and other forms of art.
Enable professional training and education initiatives for young musicians to acquire skills to operate at an international level through the Professional Orchestral Training and Music Management Program in collaboration with Kulturno društvo BSA in Ljubljana. The Program offer to young musical talents selected internationally to acquire artistic experiences in a stimulating environment. It will be also implemented the Work Experience Exchange Program to provide professionals to make “professional experiences” in other European orchestral institutions and share their methodologies.
MUSIC UP CLOSE Network is promoted by an international partnership that will work with Regional and National Authorities to access European funds to strengthen the International Networking and make the network sustainable in the long term.
Finally the use of a common digital communication platform will increase access to the orchestral works to young audiences. The digital platform will be able to reach specific European geographic areas through the web streaming, social networks and other multimedia tools made available by the European Partnership.