ART BSA is a partner of the European Sounds of Change project from 2022. 

Sounds of Change aims to promote art as a tool to encourage new generations to think about the future of Europe and to support the sustainable development of a society united in diversity, facing new concerns about sustainable urban and environmental planning. Participants and partner teams will understand the differences between European regions and focus on the many faces of European identity, active citizenship and a sense of belonging to a large European community with common goals and concerns. Art will be a dynamic tool for social transformation through interpersonal exchange, training and personal development. Participants will develop new musical compositions and create multidisciplinary performative outcomes that will add layers to the orchestral dimension.    

The thematic focus is on the European dimension, environmental priorities (green planning/tourism) and social transformation through the arts, recognising European values and artistic work as tools for change.

The consortium from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Serbia and Slovenia was set up to achieve a transnational character and to pool the expertise of all partners. The newly established network will be dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience and will strive to create the best conditions for emerging artists in the orchestral environment.  

ART BSA, the Slovenian partner of the Sounds of Change project, in collaboration with the European Career Centre for Artists Triple Bridge based in Ljubljana, is co-creating the Ljubljana International Orchestra's orchestral academy for the 2023 and 2025 cycles, as well as the 2022, 2023 and 2025 concert cycles. 



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