LIO Orchestra Academy

Summer 2022

Since its foundation in 2012, the Ljubljana International Orchestra has brought together outstanding young musicians, renowned professors, conductors and soloists. It has successfully performed in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, the United Kingdom and Spain. Musicians from more than thirty-five different countries, cultures and social classes meet yearly to prepare and perform symphonic music. They receive intensive coaching and gain invaluable experience playing side-by-side with some of the world’s most respected orchestral musicians, drawn from Europe’s leading orchestras.  Diversity and multicultural dialogue are what spur the orchestra to excellence.

LIO is part of the European Project Sound of Change.



Sounds of Change is ana European cooperation project that aims to develop an integrated professional development process for emerging European musicians in orchestral ambience, supported by the rising of professional opportunities, the upgrading of careers visibility and transnational mobility, funded by a multidisciplinary artistic process with the exploitation of critical environmental and sustainability topics. 


Sounds of Change activities include four annual cycles where selected artists will face the opportunity to have professional development experiences at the orchestra academy, focusing not only on the training for musical skills and personal and professional growth but also on complementary levels of contact with professional music festivals and venues promoting opportunities and substantial working experience. The first and second cycles will follow a classic orchestra academy, with the performance of an original piece by a European composer. At the same time, the performative layers will be developed for the last two cycles.


Sounds of Change aims to promote the arts as a tool to challenge the new generations to think about the future of Europe, supporting the sustainable evolution of a society united in diversity that faces new concerns with the city’s sustainable planning and the Environment. The participants and the partner’s teams will understand the differences between European regions, focusing on the multiple faces of the European identity, the active citizenship, and the sense of belonging to a large European community with common goals and concerns. The arts will be vital for social transformation through interpersonal sharing, training, and personal evolution. New musical compositions and multidisciplinary performative outputs will be developed, giving extra layers to the orchestral dimension. The thematic focus is the European dimension and the environmental priorities (green planning/touring) and social transformation by the arts, recognising the European values and the artistic work as tools for change.


Sounds of Change will be launched in August 2022 with the first orchestra academy, an introductory conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, and concerts in

7-12 AUG 2022 

Orchestra academy

Novi Sad, Serbia

13-14 AUG 2022 


Novi Sad, Serbia

16 AUG 2022 


Ljubljana, Slovenia


6 August – 17 August 2022

including arrival and departure dates


Age & Nationality

Musicians of all nationalities between the ages of 18 and 30 may apply.

costs for successful candidates

SOUND OF CHANGE Project will cover the cost of return travel from each musician’s residence to Novi Sad (Serbia).

SOUND OF CHANGE Project will provide accommodation, food and transport from Novi Sad (Serbia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia).

repertoire highlight 2022

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 5 in C-Sharp Minor

audition repertoire

Applicants must perform one or two solo works (depending on the instrument) and usual orchestral excerpts.


Applications are now open.
The deadline is 15 July 2022 — Applications for the LIO 2023 will open this fall.

There are no live auditions for the LIO 2022. All applications are made online and by video.

All members of the previous editions of LIO are invited to return for 2022, and therefore, should new applications be worthy, candidates are placed on the reserve list. They may be invited later if some musician withdraws.