October 8, 2023 Juli Széchenyi-Smythe

Launch of the 11th Slovenian Development Days

Media: Novice.najdi.si
Author: Boštjan Jerman
Datum: Ned., 08. Okt. 2023
Link: https://novice.najdi.si/novica/a8dc7012f31e4977c1f29b93882408d6/poznavalec/zacetek-11-slovenskih-razvojnih-dni

The first day of the 11th Slovenian Development Days, which took place on 2 October 2023 and was organised by the SLOGA platforma skupaj s Ministrstvom za zunanje in evropske zadeve ter Slovensko karitas je bil zelo dobro obiskan. Kar 120 udeležencev so našteli. […]

The opening of the 1st Slovenian Humanitarian Forum followed. The string ensemble Music for the Future played the tune Myroslav Skoryk; you can listen to it HERE

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, gave her opening address, reminding us once again how fragile we are as individuals and how important it is to work together in solidarity. This was followed by a video address by missionary Pedro Opeka, who called for humanity and help with concrete examples shown in the video. In the panel discussion "Humanitarian Aid between Needs and Resources: How to respond more quickly, effectively, comprehensively and preventively? ", the panellists discussed the growing gap between humanitarian needs and funding received. The panel concluded with the awarding of prizes to the best artworks from the "Solidarity in the face of natural disasters and other humanitarian crises around the world" competition. The awards were presented by the President, Nataša Pirc Musar. The winners of the competition were Tisa Julija Golob, a 9th grade pupil at the primary school Olga Meglič in Ptuj, with her artwork, and Matic Golob, a 7th grade pupil at the primary school Fram, with his poem "Solidarity".