Ljubljana International Orchestra - our love, our inspiration, our orchestra, a unique blend of the best talents, cultural diversity and artistic vision.

The Ljubljana International Orchestra has been gaining a growing reputation among young musicians and top professional artists since its successful performances in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain and Spain. The orchestra is made up of young, excellent musicians who gain invaluable experience playing in a symphony orchestra, working with renowned professors, conductors and soloists. Musicians from more than thirty-five different countries, and therefore from different cultures and social backgrounds, strive together for the highest performance goals. The orchestra's repertoire includes symphonic works from the Viennese classical and romantic periods as well as contemporary works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Sincere enthusiasm, youthful energy and irresistible courage are the basis for the great masterpieces of the symphonic repertoire, which the musicians tackle in several working phases each year. The orchestra has worked with soloists such as violist Wolfram Christ, trombonist Branimir Slokar, trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich, cellist Konstantin Pfiz, violinist Gregory Ahss and violist Gilad Karni. Concertmasters of the orchestra are Gregory Ahss (concertmaster of the Camerata Salzburg and the Luzern Festival Orchestra), Janez Podlesek (concertmaster of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra) and Yuri Kalnits (soloist). The orchestra also includes Konstantin Pfiz (cello), Knut-Erik Sundquist (double bass), Jože Kotar (clarinet), Igor Ahss (bassoon), Zora Slokar (French horn), Mihael Šuler (trombone) and Raymond Curfs (timpani). The Ljubljana International Orchestra is a cultural ambassador of the City of Ljubljana. It represents the Slovenian capital and portrays Ljubljana as a cosmopolitan city, a city of youth, a city of creativity and opportunity. The chief conductor of the orchestra is Živa Ploj Peršuh.