Ljubljana Festival, Križanke Summer Theatre

16. 8. 2022

This year's activities of the European project Sounds of Change and the International Orchestral Academy were held in Novi Sad, Serbia, as part of the European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2022. The Novi Sad Opera House was the venue for all the preparations of the programme, with workshops and rehearsals of the individual orchestral groups under the guidance of renowned international mentors, as well as the joint rehearsals of the orchestra. The Orchestral Academy ended with a symphonic concert performed in public. The musicians have been intensively working, refining and learning how to create a collective symphonic sound, and have been introduced to different approaches to working and creating sonic details, providing the participants with a better insight into the issues and professional growth.

The second part of the activity was performed in Ljubljana, also a symphonic concert on the open-air stage Križanke as part of the 70th Ljubljana Festival.

89 musicians were able to participate through the direct invitation of the five project partners (Portugal, Spain, Germany, Serbia and Slovenia) as well as Ukrainian youth musicians who sought refuge in Slovenia due to the situation in their home country.

The programme included Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.5, conducted by Portuguese conductor Osvaldo Ferreira.


Ljubljana International Orchestra
Conductor: Osvaldo Ferreira

project Sounds of Change 
Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra (Portugal)
ART BSA (Slovenia)
International Music Festival Koblenz (Germany)
Noletia (Spain)
Serbian National Theatre (Serbia) 


G. Mahler: Symphony No 5

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