15 of July 2022

We were very excited to present a unique symphonic program consisting of Ukrainian, Slovenian and European music also in Vienna.
This concert was the result of four months of fruitful collaboration and joint efforts of musicians united after being evacuated from Ukraine to Slovenia / Ljubljana.
Slovenian Youth Orchestra and Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra really take care of the young generation of Ukrainian musicians with an invincible passion for music.

Mykola Lysenko: Overture to the opera “Taras Bulba”
Mykhailo Verbitsky / Stanislav Lydkevich: Symphony in D Major
Slavko Osterc: Religioso (from Suite for Orchestra)
Antonin Dvorak: Symphony in G Major, op. 88, B 163
Symphony orchestra Music for the future
Conductors: Olga Khoma and Oksana Lyniv